While Dr. Huebner is happy to correspond with readers, she is unable to give clinical advice via email or phone. If you would like to consult with Dr. Huebner, please call 603-778-0408 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Huebner is asked for recommendations about local therapists from locations as near to her home as Lee, New Hampshire, and as far away as London, England. Unfortunately, she simply does not know therapists in enough places to be able to make specific recommendations. The following suggestions may, however, be useful:

  1. Your child's pediatrician and/or school counselor are likely to know many of the therapists in your area. Please ask them for recommendations.
  2. In the US, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America maintains an extensive therapist locator, as does the International OCD Foundation.
  3. Your state's/country's psychological association maintains a list of therapists and their specialties. You can find their Web site from a search engine using the keywords:
            [your state/country] psychological association
  4. Your insurance carrier might be able to direct you to providers in your area.