Dawn Huebner, PhD, is a licensed psychologist specializing in the treatment of anxious children (ages 12 and under) and their parents.

Dr. Huebner combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), translating complex concepts into language easily understood by children. She is warm and engaging, providing clear, practical steps to help children move from knowing to doing, from worried to happy and free.

Dr. Huebner consults with parents of young children (ages 5 and under) about a range of issues - sleep problems, toileting problems, separation issues, behavioral problems - helping them understand their child's behavior while teaching them to manage and intervene in new, more effective ways. Treatment in these instances is with parents only.

For children ages 6 and up, she includes the child in treatment, teaching both children and their parents a new way to respond to difficult feelings. While in the past Dr. Huebner saw children with a range of issues, she is at present only accepting children struggling with anxiety.

Dr. Huebner works with children dealing with OCD, Separation Anxiety, Phobias, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, PANDAS/PANS, Tic Disorders, Sleep Problems, and Toileting Issues. She does not work with children whose primary needs have to do with anger or low frustration tolerance, learning problems, ADHD, or coping with divorce.

Even if you were referred to Dr. Huebner directly, if you do not see the issue your child is struggling with on this list, please check the Referral page for ideas about how to find a therapist better suited to your needs, or return to the person who referred you.

Dr. Huebner is listed in the National Register of Health Service Psychologists, and is a member of the: