What is cognitive-behavioral therapy?

CBT is a practical, skill-based approach to treatment. Rather than focusing on why a particular problem is occurring, children are taught what to do about it.

    How long does therapy last?

Typically 10 – 20 sessions, with symptom severity and diligent practice of skills lengthening/reducing the numbers of sessions needed.

    Are you accepting new clients?


    Is there an age range?

I see children ages 12 and under, and their parents.

    Why this age range?

My model is to see children and their parents together. This works well for elementary-age children, who need (and expect) their parents to help solve problems. It does not work well for adolescents, whose need for autonomy precludes this level of parental involvement.

    Will you see adolescents anyway?

Only if I worked with your child when he/she was younger, and all that is needed is a brief 'tune up'.

    What issues do you treat?
OCD, Separation Anxiety, Phobias, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, PANDAS/PANS, Tic Disorders, Sleep Problems, and Toileting Issues. I do not work with children whose primary difficulties involve anger, low frustration tolerance, negative thinking, learning problems, ADHD or divorce.
    Can I use my insurance?

Yes, if you have out-of-network coverage. All clients pay for sessions in full at the time of each appointment. Those with out-of-network coverage can obtain partial reimbursement according to the dictates of their plan. Sometimes this coverage is quite generous, other times much less so. Unless you are prepared to pay entirely out-of-pocket, please contact your insurance carrier to assess whether or not this is going to work for you prior to contacting me. Some HMOs offer special exemptions allowing clients to see out-of-network providers if the provider agrees to accept the in-network rate. I do not participate in these arrangements.

    Which billing codes are used?

The initial session is 90791. Sessions your child attends alone are 90834. Sessions parents attend alone are 90846. Sessions children attend with at least one parent are 90834.

    What are the fees?

The initial session is $175 (45 minutes). Subsequent sessions are $140 (45 minutes).

    Can I pay by credit card?

No; payment by cash or check is due at the time of each session.

    Can I use my Health Savings Account?

Clients pay for each session by cash or check, and can then submit to their own HSA for reimbursement.

    Can I get an itemized receipt for insurance or HSA reimbursement?


    What is the procedure for new clients?

Please review information related to the Intake Process, then call 603-778-0408. You will be scheduled for a parent(s) only appointment prior to your child being seen.

    Can I use email?

HIPPA regulations make email communication difficult for therapists. Please call, instead.

    Can I access paperwork online?

Yes. Once you have scheduled an initial appointment, feel free to complete the Child Registration form, the Signature Page, and the Release of Information form to bring to your initial appointment.

You can also access the Service Agreement, NH Notice HIPPA form, and the Mental Health Bill of Rights through this website.

If you do not complete the Child Registration form, Signature Page, and Release of Information form ahead of time, please come to your initial appointment 15 minutes early to complete your paperwork.

    You don't accept my insurance, my child is older than 12, I live too far away ... Can you refer me to another therapist?

Sorry, but no…unless you are a former client. For ideas about how to find a therapist, please visit the referral page.

    The court (or my child's GAL) has ordered therapy.

I do not provide court-ordered therapy.

    My spouse and I are divorcing (or I am divorced).

When parents are no longer together, I require written consent from both parents prior to seeing children. Active involvement of both parents is key (if both are local), and parents must be capable of working together to meet their children's needs. I do not do custody/visitation evaluations or see children whose parents are currently court-involved.

    I'm not sure my child actually needs to be seen.

I often consult with parents to determine whether or not therapy is indicated. I also do parent guidance work, teaching parents to better manage their children's behaviors while facilitating age-appropriate problem-solving and coping skills.

    How can I reach you?

Please call 603-778-0408. Most calls are returned within one business day. Please do not use email to communicate with me.