Dr. Huebner is the author of award-winning self-help books for children.

Described as "must have" resources for parents, teachers, and therapists, and approaching the 1 million mark in sales, her books engage children in the process of learning practical skills they can put to immediate use. Lively, encouraging, and easy to follow, Dr. Huebner's books motivate children to think and act in new ways, empowering them to work toward change.

Dr. Huebner's newest book, Outsmarting Worry, is geared toward 9 - 13 year olds struggling with anxiety while her series, the What-to-Do Guides for Kids, covers a range of topics for somewhat younger children (6 - 12 years old). In language that is both appealing and accessible, each book teaches specific cognitive-behavioral strategies to help children break free from the problems that hold them hostage.


... also by Dr. Huebner
Sometimes I Worry Too Much, But Now I Know How to Stop
with Childswork/Childsplay and illustrator Robin C. Morris.